Ross has been sculpting professionally for 2 years, both as a freelancer and for his own company. He has sculpted for:

  • Shed Games
  • Macrocosm Miniatures
  • Bad Squiddo Games
  • Fenris Games
  • Rapier Miniatures
  • Ye Alchemist
  • King of the Hill Wargaming
  • Oakbound Studio
  • Circle of Chaos
  • Krakon Games

You can see more efforts in-progress at РWhitehorn, or possibly buy some at Krakon Games.






  • C:OTN = Creatures: of the Night. The fantasy miniature range and world from Krakon Games.
  • C:U = Creatures: Underground. A sub-section of the C:OTN world.
  • S&S = Scum & Smugglers. The first character range for Stargrind.
  • F&F = Frills & Fauna, a series of Kickstarter projects that brought a vast selection of creatures and scenery to the Stargrind range.
  • L&L = Lizards & Lazerguns. The old name for the Dama’s Dragoons Kickstarter.

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